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EUROPEA Assurance

"Europea compose, le client dispose" Présentation orchestrée d'Europea Assurance. Europea est une société de courtage d'assurances, située dans le SUD OUEST. [ voir sur ]

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Davos Annual Meeting 2010 - Redesigning the Global Dimensions of China's Growth 29.01.2010 China's transition from a low-cost, export-driven developing economy into an advanced one with a diversified industrial base is happening faster than the rest of the world expected. What are the global dimensions of China's historic economic transition that need rethinking both in China and abroad? In partnership with the World Economic Forum, CCTV hosts this debate focusing on China's growth. Klaus Kleinfeld, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alcoa, USA David Li Daokui, Director and Mansfield Freeman Professor of Economics, Center for China in the World Economy (CCWE), Tsinghua University, People's Republic of China; Global Agenda Council on the Future of Mining & Metals Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Blackstone Group, USA John Zhao, Chief Executive Officer, Hony Capital, People's Republic of China; Global Agenda Council on the Future of China Moderated by Rui Chenggang, Director and Anchor, China Central Television, People's Republic of China; Global Agenda Council on the Future of Journalism [ voir sur ]

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9no mes, Director's Cut

Dado que muchos preguntan cómo hago estos videos, les he creado un link a la página donde se crean. Además descubrí que si usan una palabra de referencia, les cobran 5 dolares menos por la suscripción anual Due to any of you ask about how I do this videos, I put a link to the page with a referral discount. [ voir sur ]

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Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform: Part 5

President Obama and Congressional leaders from both parties discuss how to expand health care coverage to Americans who currently lack it.. Held at the Blair House in Washington, DC [ voir sur ]

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6 - Atmosphere: Gaining Altitude, part 1

Gaining Altitude part 1 with Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, [ voir sur ]

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Senate Session 2010-04-12 (14:00:02-14:49:58) [ voir sur ]

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