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Auto Glock with Drum Magazine

Sweet video of a Glock modified automatic with a large capacity drum magazine. [ voir sur ]

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The Motor Magazine - 18.02.2010 | drive it

present it: Porsche 911 Turbo For more than four decades it has been the quintessential sports car, the Porsche 911. The two-plus-two body has always had an unmistakable design. Over the years it has been modernized - but the basic form has remained the same and so has the engine performance.Former race car driver Walter Röhrl said the 500 HP Turbo engine's sixth gear can handle everything from 30 to 300 kilometers an hour. drive it! accompanies him when he takes the new Porsche 911 Turbo to the track. picture it: LPG as an everyday fuel--with the Chevrolet Captiva The interest in alternative fuels is growing in Germany. The high cost of gasoline and diesel has pushed many to look at liquid propane gas in recent it! shows how Chevrolet Captiva performs and how easy driving an LPG-vehicle can be. The Captiva's one of the few vehicles available directly from the manufacturer with an LPG system factory installed. drive it! shows how even an installed system can quickly pay off. [ voir sur ]

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Haut de page Mag's R35 GT-R in the wet

Visit to read more! So that's why that Traction Control setting is labelled "OFF"... It means you come off! :D No harm done at the fabulous Bedford Autodrome. It was very wet and greasy and the tyres were scrubbed, but that's no excuse for driver stupidity. At any other venue, leave the ESP firmly ON in the wet! I did get the mickey taken out of me by my Evo magazine colleagues... You can read more about my GT-R ownership exploits on and in Evo Magazine. David Yu [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 31/08/09 12:07

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Dodge Charger Police Car Burnouts!!

What would you do if Dodge gave you a fully-equipped police cruiser for an afternoon? We could only think of one answer: massive, tire-terrorizing burnouts. Watch the video here. Then visit our forums at and tell us what you think. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 27
En ligne le : 30/12/08 19:11

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2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan Dyno Run

With the new sedan version of the Civic Si going on sale, and with the arrival of the Mk5 VW GTI, we decided it was time to compare two 2.0-liter engines: one turbocharged, one not. Check out the Civic dyno video here. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 29/12/08 20:17

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The Motor Magazine - 12.03.2010 | drive it

This week on drive it!, we tested both the Opel Corsa and the new VW Multivan, and headed for the International Geneva Motor Show to take a look at cars that will be hitting the street this year. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 18/03/10 13:47

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Saiga 12 VS cars (20 rounds magazine)

Saiga 12, Molot Vepr 12 with 20-rounds Powermag Magazine action video. Saiga vs. Alfa GTV 2.0 TB and Hyundai. [ voir sur ]

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2009 BMW X6 Unveiling - 2008 Detroit Auto Show - Motor Trend Magazine

The all new X6 is a stylish four-seat, BMW coined, "sports-activity-coupe," officially launched at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 14/02/08 19:05

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2006 smart car review

Automobile Magazine takes a look at the first-generation smart car right before the second-generation smart comes to the United States. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 29/12/08 19:01

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Close Look at the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Visit - Discover the all-new sixth generation GTI with Edgar Oliver, product strategist at Volkswagen Canada. The 2010 GTI has been named the 2010 AUTOMOBILE Magazine Automobile of the Year. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 12/11/09 09:08

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