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Triumph Spitfire Le Mans Classic 2010 !! Bravo James ! Une page de ...

Triumph Spitfire AVC 654 B, examen réussi pour participer Le Mans Classic 2010 !! les 9, 10 et 11 juillet 2010 Bravo James ! Ci dessous quelques images et informations au sujet de cette authentique Auto de course. Une Triumph Spitfire 1147cm3. Une page de l' Histoire de l' Automobile à côté de Rambouillet. Merci la migration des garages et des oiseaux, nous sommes quelques uns bien placés pour suivre ça de très près ! Merci James. AVC 654 B, la Triumph Spitfire [suite...]

Date: 2010-03-02 18:57:00

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Triumph Herald 1200 cabriolet (1961-1970) - Auto-Croisées

(Auto-Moto-Retro, Le Grand Quevilly, Seine-Maritime, septembre 2008) Emportée dans des difficultés financières en 1960, la compagnie Standart-Triumph est rachetée par British Leyland Motors en 1961. La petite Herald apparue en 1959 est modifiée en 1961. Elle prend une calandre plus discrète, des clignotants qui ne sont plus ronds mais oblongs avec veilleuse intégrée. Les pare-chocs sont toujours peints en blanc. Sous le capot, le 948 cm3 se montre un peu juste, il est épaulé par un 1200 plus nerveux, moins poussif, même si la puissance change peu (39 chevaux contre 38). La voiture [suite...]

Date: 2010-03-01 10:07:00

Just A Car Geek: 1958 Triumph 10

This will get some attention at any British auto show... This is a 1958 Triumph 10. In most of the world it was known as the Standard 10 (Triumph being part of the Standard-Triumph company back then.) Standard was an unknown brand in North America, so it was badged a Triumph. The 10, believe it or not, was an upmarket version of the Standard 8. The 10 had "luxuries" such as roll down windows (as opposed to sliders) and an externally accessible trunk (boot, in England). This was not a sports sedan by any measure. The engine is a 948cc 4, which gets it to 60 MPH in about 18 seconds. Top speed [suite...]

Date: 2010-04-22 10:00:00

Auto Manual Resource: Stator Kit for Triumph 3TA, 5TA, BSA A6 ...

Stator Kit for Triumph 3TA, 5TA, BSA A6 Instructions FITTING INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 Remove the original stator & rotor. Step 2 Fit the new rotor on to the crank shaft locating on to the key (not all models are supplied with a keyway machined into the rotor). Fit the retaining nut but don’t fully tighten if there is no keyway. Step 3 Position the new stator over the rotor locating on the engine studs using the spacers provided and the original nuts, don’t fully tighten so that the stator can be adjusted if necessary. Step 4 This will give a maximum total advance of about 350, this is only a [suite...]

Date: 2008-10-03 07:00:00

1980 Triumph TR7 convertable (Jeffco) $1100 | CWC Auto

Description 1980 Triumph TR-7 For sale is a white Triumph tr-7 convertible. It has twin weber side-draft carburetors attached that need that need the throttle linkage hooked-up, which sell brand new in Triumph mags for $1500 Read more here: 1980 Triumph TR7 convertable (Jeffco) [suite...]

Date: 2010-05-03 01:02:08

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Bike: Another Triumph For Bajaj Auto | Indian ...

Pulsar 135 has has once again proved that Bajaj is the market leader in performance segment. It has boosted company sales to 70,000 units per month. Bajaj Pulsar 135cc contributed 25,000 units per month to this figure. Bajaj Auto disclosed on Monday that its latest Pulsar 135cc light sports motorcycle launched in December last year, has become the second largest selling bike in performance segment within 100 days of its launch. “The Pulsar 135 is selling around 25,000 vehicles every month, boosting the volumes of the Pulsar family to 70,000 units, including exports per month in the domestic [suite...]

Date: 2010-03-23 18:39:48

Diamond-Triumph Glass™ converted to Safelite Autoglass® in ...

The Auto Glass Specialists® brand was co-branded with Safelite AutoGlass® in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Diamond-Triumph Glass™ brand was used in conjunction with Safelite AutoGlass® in 42 states, except in Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Elite Auto Glass® and Safelite® were co-branded in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming and Southern California. According to Feeney, the company will continue to co-brand the Harrisburg, Pa. market as Cindy Rowe Auto Glass™/Safelite AutoGlass® for the foreseeable [suite...]

Date: 2010-04-19 20:53:49

Curbside Classic: Triumph TR-6 | The Truth About Cars

For decades, British roadsters had a spell on Americans. And the rivalry between the MG and Triumph, the two leading exponents of the genre, was legendary. They each had loyal adherents to the respective marques, and the stiff competition kept the improvements coming, even if not exactly at a breakneck pace. But by about the time this TR-6 first appeared in 1969, the race was essentially over: the new MGC was DOA, and the MGB was quickly slipping into its ossification period, while the Triumph reveled in its final incarnation of the classic formula: old school, but with a healthy kick of life [suite...]

Date: 2010-04-27 14:31:50

Triumph 4225EP Semi-Auto Stack Paper Cutter In the Wild

Manufactured in Germany by MBM's parent company, IDEAL Krug & Priester, Triumph 4225EP Semi-Auto Stack Paper Cutter set the world standards for safety and precision. Every Triumph model features either transparent safety guards or safety light beams and all electric models require true two-hand operation. Our programmable EP models have an advanced, easy-to-operate keypad, which stores nine programs with up to nine steps each. All Triumph hydraulic models utilize precise clamping pressure for mark-free cutting of specialty stocks. The MBM Triumph 4225EP Semi-Auto Stack Paper Cutter features a [suite...]

Date: 2010-04-25 13:30:00

Automotive news:2010 Triumph Daytona 675 SE announced | Auto News

Auto News blog provides all latest automobile information and news. Get info about latest cars, bikes, and all kind of vehicles.The new Triumph Daytona 675 SE will be available in limited numbers from March this year…Triumph has announced the new limited edition Daytona 675 SE, which gets a new blue and white paintjob, black wheels, adjustable brake and clutch levers, fully adjustable suspension and a sprinkling Article Content: The new Triumph Daytona 675 SE will be available in limited numbers from March this year…Triumph has announced the new limited edition Daytona 675 SE, which gets [suite...]

Date: 2010-03-26 07:45:46

Triumph Dolomite Sprint vs BMW 2002tii – The 2002 We Never Knew ...

Triumph Dolomite Sprint vs BMW 2002tii – The 2002 We Never Knew A head-to-head comparison between the car that made BMW and the car that should have made Triumph. I still remember the day in 1968 when the genus “classic sports car” died.inline_mediumwraptextright28296112/reviews/driven/1004_triumph_dolomite_sprint_vs_bmw_2002tii1004_02_z+triumph_dolomite_sprint_and_bMW_2002tii+front_view.jpgTrue Photo Gallery: Triumph Dolomite Sprint vs BMW 2002tii – Classic Sports Car Comparison – Automobile [suite...]

Date: 2010-04-07 12:20:48

TRIUMPH SPITFIRE MK1 - MK2 Stainless Steel Bumper Classified Ad ...


Date: 2010-03-17 22:08:00

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